Workshop on Ocean Biology Observatories

Mestre, Italy
16-18 September 2009

Purpose of Meeting:
The goal of the workshop is to bring together biologists, the observing community, and the technology community to develop ocean biology observatories that could address the challenges of observing ocean life and its response to global change. 



The program is available here. The time will be split between plenary presentations, to provide background information and context, and breakout groups to gather community input to create the beginnings of a plan for ocean biology observatories.


Background Book:  A printed copy of the background book will be available for each registered participant, but an updated version is available here.



The surfaces for poster presentations are 1.5 meters tall and 2 meters wide.  Each poster presenter will be allowed a space this size, with one poster on each side of the easel.



Registration is open for the meeting at Registration Fees after 1 July: $300 for scientists, $175 for students



The SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life announces a Workshop on Ocean Biology Observatories, to be held in Mestre, Italy (a suburb of Venice) on 16-18 Sept. 2009.  The definition of ocean biology observatories will be broad, including a sustained, integrated system comprised of a broad range of platforms that can support existing and emerging technologies for observing marine life and its interaction with the ocean and broader Earth system.  The observatory components will include platforms, sensors, instrumentation, data management, visualization, and analysis. Observatories could include fixed-point moorings (cabled or autonomous), animals as oceanographers, measurements from Volunteer Observing Ships, AUVs/ROVs/HOVs, drifters, CPRs, Ocean Tracking Network, satellites, among other platforms and technologies. The products from the workshop will be a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal and guidelines for pilot ocean biology observatories.  The workshop will include observational approaches to study the biological aspects of ocean warming and acidification, oxygen depletion, microbial to zooplankton community structure, distribution and movement of marine organisms and changes in ocean properties, vertical movements of predators and prey in relation to physical/chemical structures, changes in trophic structures, and changes in benthic dynamics. 

OceanObs'09 will be held in Venice the week after our workshop and we encourage participation in both workshops.


Holiday Inn Venice Mestre Marghera.  ROTONDA ROMEA 1/2, MARGHERA VENEZIA, 30175 ITALY

Participants should reserve their own rooms at as soon as their plans are set. The room rates quoted on the Holiday Inn Web site are significantly lower than the rates quoted by the hotel for a group.

Background Documents:

Background documents will be posted here as they are received.  We will ask permission of all the authors of relevant OceanObs'09 white papers to post links here.

Please contact Ed Urban ( for additional information. 




SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

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