Third SCOR Meeting on Coordination of International Marine Research Projects

Request for Background Information

Please submit the following written documentation by 15 March 2009. The availability of this information will help meeting participants prepare for the meeting.


Data Management/Publication Discussion

  1. Please present the status of your project in terms of management of data and/or metadata.

  2. Is your project keeping track of project cruises and collecting any information about the cruises?

  3. Are your project cruises included in the POGO research cruise database (see

  4. Has your project discussed and/or encouraged data publication?


Education and Capacity Building

  1. What activities, plans, and ideas does your project have in relation to education and capacity building?

  2. How are you funding your education and capacity-building activities?

  3. Are you, or would you like to, work with other projects on education and capacity-building activities?

  4. Would you be interested in jointly supporting a Web site that could be used to Webcast project events?

Projects and Ocean Observations

  1. Is your project cooperating with any existing time-series sites and/or establishing new ones?

  2. Is your project cooperating with the Global Ocean Observing System?

  3. Will your project potentially contribute to global assessments, such as next IPCC, the next Millennium Assessment, or the Global Marine Assessment?

    Project Publicity/Visibility

  1. What does your project do in terms of publicizing itself to the scientific community and the public?

  2. What visibility do you gain from your project's publicity efforts?

  3. Are you, or would you like to, work with other projects on publicity and visibility?


  1. Is modelling a component of your project?

  2. If so, how are modelling, research, and data management linked?

  3. Would there be benefit in any cross-project modelling activities or agreements?

    Interactions with Intergovernmental Organizations

  1. Do you regularly cooperate with any intergovernmental organizations (e.g., IOC, PICES, ICES, etc.)?

  2. If so, what have been the benefits of such cooperation, as well as the costs?

Use of Conference Manager System (SCOR leases this system for use by its projects)

  1. Do you use the Conference Manager system to manage your events, and if so, what are its benefits?

  2. What would you like to change about Conference Manager?