Third SCOR Summit of International Marine Research Projects

Invited Participants


Bob Anderson GEOTRACES
Dawn Ashby GLOBEC
Emily Breviere SOLAS
Michael Dagg PICES
Wolfgang Fennel SCOR Executive Committee
Elizaabeth Gross SCOR
Julie Hall IMBER
Eileen Hofmann SCAR/SCOR Expert Group on Oceanography
Venu Ittekkot SCOR Executive Committee, Capacity Building
Adi Kellermann ICES
Raphe Kudela GEOHAB
Patricia Miloslavich CoML
Reiner Schlitzer GEOTRACES Data Management and Modelling
Bjørn Sundby SCOR Executive Committee
Nancy Targett University of Delaware
Kathy Tedesco IOCCP
Ed Urban SCOR
Luis Valdes IOC
Edward vanden Berghe OBIS
Cisco Werner SCOR/IODE Data Publication Activity

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