2000 Calendar of SCOR Events

January 28-29 WG 109 - Iron Certification Workshop San Antonio, Texas, USA
February 13-14 GEOHAB Science Plan Editorial Meeting Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
February 20-24 SOLAS Open Science Meeting Damp, Germany
April 11-12 JGOFS SSC Bergen, Norway
April 13-17 JGOFS 2nd International Science Conference Bergen, Norway
April 17 JGOFS Executive Committee Meeting Bergen, Norway
May 14-17 SOLAS Editorial Meeting Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA
May 15-17 GLOBEC SSC Barcelona, Spain
June 1-4 GEOHAB SSC Copenhagen, Denmark
July 9-13 JGOFS Southern Ocean Symposium Brest, France
August 21-23 GEOHAB Editorial Group Baltimore, Maryland, USA
September 4-7 SCOR/IOC Advisory Panel on CO2 Paris, France
September 22-26 Future Ocean Biogeochemistry Plymouth, UK
October 9-13 SCOR General Meeting and Symposium Washington, D.C., USA
November 9-11 WG 118--Technologies for Observing Marine Life Victoria, B.C., Canada
November 13-17 GEOHAB SSC La Paz, Baja California, Mexico
November 24-December 8 WG 112-Groundwater Intercalibration Experiment and WG Meeting Perth, Western Australia, Australia



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