2002 Calendar of SCOR Events

February 9-10 SCOR-IOC Ocean Carbon Dioxide Panel Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
February 16-17 WG 115 – Standards for the Survey and Analysis of Plankton Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
March 7-9 WG 120 – Marine Phytoplankton and Global Climate Regulation Norwich, UK
April 5-6 GEOHAB Modeling Committee Warnemünde, Germany
April 23-26 Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Transition Team Potomac, Maryland, USA
May 13-15 Symposium on International Global Ocean Exploration Paris, France
May 27-31 GEOHAB SSC Meeting Helsinki, Finland
June 10-14 SOLAS Exec. Comm. and National Representatives Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 2-4 WG 113 – The Evolution of the Asian Monsoon in Marine Records: Comparison Between Indian and East Indian Monsoon Subsystems Aix-en-Provence, France
September 23-25 JGOFS SSC Concepción, Chile
October 1-5 SCOR General Meeting Sapporo, Japan
October 14,16,19 GLOBEC SSC Meeting Qingdao, China
October 15-18 2nd GLOBEC Open Science Meeting Qingdao, China
October 28-30 WG 118 – New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Lima, Peru
November 13-15 OCEANS Open Science Conference Planning Committee Potomac, Maryland, USA
November 16-19 WG 111 – Coupling Waves, Currents, and Winds in Coastal Models (Editorial Group) Goa, India
November 24-27 SOLAS SSC Gif-sur-Yvette, France
December 4-7 GEOHAB SSC La Rochelle, France
December 4-6 WG 119 – Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries Management Cape Town, South Africa



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