2003 Calendar of SCOR Events

January 6, 12-13 OCEANS Transition Team Meeting Paris, France
January 7-10 Biogeochemistry and Ocean Ecosystems Open Science Conference Paris, France
January 13-15 International Workshop on Ocean Carbon Observation Activities and Their Relation to Planned Research Projects Paris, France
February 19-22 GEOHAB Editorial Committee Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2-3 OCEANS Editorial Team Meeting Washington, D.C., USA
May 5-8 Third JGOFS Open Science Conference Washington, D.C., USA
May 30-June 2 SCOR-IOC Project on Extending Ecosystem Models to the Basin Scale Harlow. U.K.
June 11-21 Workshop on Real-time Coastal Observing Systems for Ecosystem Dynamics and Harmful Algal Blooms Villefranche, France
June 15-20 Gordon Research Conference on Permeable Sediments (WGs 114/112) Waterville, Maine, USA
June 18,19,24 GLOBEC SSC Meeting and OCEANS TT Meeting Banff, Alberta, Canada
June 19,24 SOLAS SSC Meeting Banff, Alberta, Canada
June 30-July 11 SOLAS Summer School Corsica, France
July 5-6 IAPSO/SCOR WG 121 on Ocean Mixing Sapporo, Japan
September 15-19 SCOR Executive Committee Meeting Moscow, Russia
September 26 Final JGOFS Executive Committee Meeting Bergen, Norway
October 21-25 SCOR-IOC Project on Extending Ecosystem Models to the Basin Scale Harlow. U.K.
October 22 WG 118 on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Washington, D.C., USA
November 3-7 WG 116 on Sediment Trap and Th-234 Methods for Carbon Export Flux Determination Catalina Island, Calif., USA
November 14-16 WG 115 on Standards for the Survey and Analysis of Plankton Concepcion, Chile
November 17-20 GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on HABs in Upwelling Systems Lisbon, Portugal
December 1-3 IMBER Editorial Committee Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Dec. 4-8 WG 120 on Marine Phytoplankton and Global Climate: The Phaeocystis sp. Cluster as a Model Savannah, Georgia, USA
Dec. 8-10 SCOR/IGBP Meeting on Data Management for Marine Research Projects Liverpool, UK



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