2005 Calendar of SCOR Events

February 14-16 Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Goa, India
March 7-11 GEOHAB OSM on HABs and Eutrophication Baltimore, Maryland, USA
March 20-23 SCOR/IMAGES WG 123 Workshop on Past Ocean Circulation Atlanta, Georgia, USA
April 18-21 WG 116 on Sediment Trap and Th-234 Methods for Carbon Export Flux Determination Xiamen, China
April 18-22 IMBER Scientific Steering Committee Meeting Shanghai, China
May 1-3 GEOTRACES Planning Committee Vienna, Austria
May 30-June 1 SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee Tokyo, Japan
June 1-3 GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee Meeting Rome, Italy
June 20 WG 126 on Role of Viruses in Marine Ecosystems Santiago de Compostela, Spain
June 23-25 WG 122 on Mechanisms of Sediment Retention in Estuaries Texel, The Netherlands
August 29-September 1 SCOR Executive Committee Meeting Cairns, Queensland, Australia
30 August - September 4 WG 120 Conference on Phaeocystis: Major Link in the Biogeochemical Cycling of Climate-Relevant Elements Haren, The Netherlands
October 24-25 GEOTRACES Standards Committee Monaco
November 6 SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Frankfurt, Germany
November 7-9 WG 125 on Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
November 30-December 2 GEOTRACES Data Management Committee Liverpool, UK
December 5-6 WG 124 on Analyzing the Links Between Present Oceanic Processes and Paleo-records San Francisco, California, USA
December 5-8 GEOHAB OSM on Harmful Algal Blooms and Stratification Paris, France
December 13 POGO/SCOR Meeting on Research Vessel Database Silver Spring, Maryland, USA



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