2006 Calendar of SCOR Events

18-21 January GEOHAB Core Research Project Subcommittee on HABs in Upwelling Systems Villefranche, France
23-25 January GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee Villefranche, France
6-7 April WG 128 on Natural and Human-Induced Hypoxia and Consequences for Coastal Areas Vienna, Austria
8-12 April Workshop on Phytoplankton Pigments in Oceanography Monaco
25-27 April GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
2-5 May Working Group 127 on the Equation of State of Seawater Warnemünde, Germany
8-10 May SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10-12 May IMBER Scientific Steering Committee Brest, France
19-20 May WG 115 on Standards for the Survey and Analysis of Plankton Plymouth, UK
1-3 June Virus Ecology in Marine Systems: A Workshop on Methods Victoria, B.C., Canada
10-11 July SCAR/SCOR Group on Experts on Oceanography Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
28-30 September IGBP-SCOR Fast Track Initiative Meeting on Atmospheric CO2 and Ocean Biogeochemistry: Modern Observations and Past Experiences Palisades, New York, USA
18-20 October SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Kobe, Japan
23-26 October SCOR General Meeting Concepción, Chile
24-26 October Workshop on Oxygen Minimum Systems in the Ocean: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics Concepción, Chile
17-20 November SOLAS/INI Workshop on Anthropogenic Nitrogen Impacts on the Open Ocean Norwich, UK
21-24 November SCOR/IMAGES WG 124 on Analysing the Links Between Present Oceanic Processes and Paleorecords (LINKS) Delmenhorst, Germany
4-7 December WG 125 on Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series Lima, Peru
7-9 December SCOR Summit of International Marine Research Projects London, UK
16-18 December GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee Meeting San Francisco, California, USA



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