2007 Calendar of SCOR Events

26-27 February Planning Committee for Second Symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World Monte Carlo, Monaco
4-5 March SOLAS SSC Meeting Xiamen, China
6-9 March SOLAS Science 2007 Xiamen, China
12-14 March GEOHAB SSC Meeting Tokyo, Japan
15-16 March Asian GEOHAB Meeting Tokyo, Japan
2-5 April PACKMEDS Workshop Delmenhorst, Germany
11-14 April Surface Ocean CO2 Variability and Vulnerabilities Paris, France
7-11 May SCOR/IAPSO Working Group 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater Reggio Calabria, Italy
7-12 May WG 126 on The Role of Viruses in Marine Ecosystems Bergen, Norway
24-26 May GLOBEC SSC Meeting Hiroshima, Japan
26 May WG 125 on Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series Hiroshima, Japan
2-3 June WG 130 on Automatic Plankton Visual Identification Hiroshima, Japan
12-14 June IMBER SSC Meeting Victoria, B.C., Canada
26-29 June GEOTRACES Pacific Basin Cruise Planning Meeting Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
7 July WG 121 on Ocean Mixing Perugia, Italy
10-11 July WG 129 on Deep Ocean Circulation with the Shelf Perugia, Italy
26-28 August SCOR Executive Committee Meeting Bergen, Norway
4-10 September WG 127 on Thermodynamics and Equation of State of Seawater Berlin, Germany
6-8 September GEOTRACES Data-Model Synergy Workshop Delmenhorst, Germany
10-13 September GEOTRACES Atlantic Basin Cruise Planning Meeting Oxford, UK
17-21 September IMBER/LOICZ Continental Margins Open Science Meeting Shanghai, China
20-23 September WG 128 on Natural and Human-Induced Hypoxia and Consequences for Coastal Areas Shanghai, China
23-25 September SCOR/LOICZ Sediment Retention in Estuaries (WG 122) Workshop Boulder, Colorado, USA
1-3 October SCAR/SCOR Expert Group on Oceanography Southern Ocean Observing System Workshop Bremen, Germany
24-26 October GEOTRACES Indian Ocean Cruise Planning Meeting Goa, India
6-8 November GEOTRACES SSC Barcelona, Spain
12-16 November CoML All Projects Meeting and SCOR Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life Auckland, New Zealand
26-30 November GEOHAB Core Research Project on Upwelling Systems Vigo, Spain



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