Mechanisms of Sediment Retention in Estuaries

Co-Chairs: Gerardo Perillo (Argentina) and James Syvitski (USA)

Other Full Members: Carl Amos (UK), Shu Gao (China-Beijing), Morten Pejrup (Denmark), Yoshiki Saito (Japan), Maria Snoussi (Morocco), Susana Vinzon (Brazil), and Eric Wolanski (Australia)

Associate Members: Mario Cáceres (USA), Ray Cranston (Canada), Pedro Depetris (Argentina), Steve Kuehl (USA), John Milliman (USA), Pedro Walfir M. Souza Filho (Brazil), Robert Stallard (USA), Colin Woodroffe (Australia), and Marek Zajaczkowski (Poland)

Terms of Reference

  • Collect and analyze global data on sediment retention in estuaries versus export to the coastal ocean, based on climate, hydrologic, physical, geological, chemical, and biological, and human processes, and including estuarine systems of different types, from tropical to subpolar.
  • Evaluate available models of estuarine sediment retention.
  • Identify research, observation (including standard measurement procedures), and modeling activities needed to improve predictions of sediment retention in estuaries.
  • Conduct the above three TORs through WG meetings and an international workshop of interested scientists.
  • Document the work of the WG and the workshop through a Web-based database of river/estuary sediment characteristics and trapping efficiencies, a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal, and a short article written for research managers and policymakers.

Approved: September 2003

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, LOICZ, U.S. National Science Foundation


#1: 12-16 September 2004 in Faro, Portugal
#2: 23-25 June 2005 in Texel, The Netherlands