SCOR Working Group 153
Floating Litter and its Oceanic TranSport Analysis and Modelling (FLOTSAM)

Chair: Stefano Aliani (Italy)

Vice-Chairs: Nikolai Maximenko (USA), Kara Lavender Law (USA), and Erik van Sebille (Netherlands)

Other Full Members: Bertrand Chapron (France), Irina Chubarenko (Russia), Atsuhiko Isobe (Japan), Victor Martinez-Vicente (UK), Peter Ryan (South Africa), Won Joon Shim (South Korea), and Martin Thiel (Chile)

Associate Members: Melanie Bergmann (Germany), Yi Chao (USA), Baylor Fox-Kemper (USA), Denise Hardesty (Australia), Tobias Kukulka (USA), Laurent Lebreton (New Zealand), Christophe Maes (France), and Miguel Morales Maqueda (UK)

Terms of Reference 

  1. Identify gaps in our knowledge of the near-surface ocean dynamics that may affect litter distribution and transport.
  2. Improve future marine litter modelling capabilities.
  3. Evaluate existing and emerging remote sensing technologies that can be applied to marine litter in the open ocean.
  4. Improve awareness of the scientific understanding of marine debris, based on better observations and modelling results.

Approved: September 2017

Financial Sponsors: SCOR, NSF


#1: 11 March 2018 in San Diego, California, USA

Close-up of the surface plankton (neuston) net towing at the sea surface for plastic particles (SEA/Leslie Peate)