Coastal and Estuarine Regimes

Chair: J.B. Matthews (USA)

Other Full Members: H.G. Gade (Norway), J. Imberger (Australia), Christopher N.K. Mooers (USA), H. Aitsam (USSR), N.S. Heaps (UK), H. Postma (Netherlands) - UNESCO, H.A. Ferguson (Netherlands) - ECOR, J.J. Voogt (Netherlands), T. Laevastu (USA), J Siindermann (FRG), and B.J. Noye (Australia)

Associate Member: C. van Cauwenberghe

Terms of Reference

  • To promote the coordination of physical aspects of research on estuaries, coastal areas, and shelf seas. In particular, special efforts should be made:
    • to encourage liaison between physical oceanographers and those studying sediment transport phenomena, and
    • to relate numerical models with observational programmes.

Financial Sponsor: SCOR, ECOR, UNESCO

Affliated Organizations: IAPSO

Product: 1977 Report to SCOR1979 Report to SCOR