Particulate Biogeochemical Processes

Chair: S. Krishnaswami (India)

Other Full Members: M. Bacon (USA), Patrick Buat-Menard (France), Scott Fowler (Monaco), G. Knauer (USA), I. McCave (UK), Y. Nozaki (Japan), and Roland Wollast (Belgium)

Terms of Reference

  • To attempt to delineate the principle particulate transport processes which control the trace element and nutrient elements' distribution in the open ocean.
  • To clarify the definition of terms and processes used to describe particulate material in the ocean and to suggest the most appropriate methodology for the study of the material defined above.
  • To ascertain the possibility of determining particulate fluxes of elements and organic matter to different depths in the sea.
  • To prepare within two years a state-of-the-art report on the particulate processes.

Financial Sponsor: SCOR


Particulate Biogeochemical Processes. Report of SCOR Working Group 71. 1988. SCOR Report Series No. 1