SCOR Capacity-Building Activities


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Eligible Countries: SCOR provides travel support for countries that the World Bank includes as Low-Income, Lower-Middle-Income, and Upper-Middle-Income economies. The list of countries whose scientists are currently eligible for SCOR travel support can be found here.

SCOR has been involved in capacity building since its beginning, through activities related to the International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE).

SCOR promotes the enhancement of scientific capacity in developing countries and those with economies in transition by ensuring that every SCOR working group and other activity includes scientists from such countries. SCOR also administers a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to provide travel support to scientists from such countries to attend scientific meetings, participates with the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) in supporting a program of visiting fellowships for oceanographic observations, and supports a program of SCOR Visiting Scholars.  SCOR created a Committee on Capacity Building in 2007 to coordinate SCOR's activities in capacity building, develop new activities, and help develop funding for these activities.  The following are the major ongoing SCOR capacity-building activities: