SCOR Science Activities

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SCOR's main responsibility is to promote international ocean science. We do this by bringing together a set of essential resources: professional staff and funding from national SCOR committees, government agencies, and private foundations, enabling a large number of scientists from around the world to develop their ideas and pursue the most interesting science that is also useful to society. Almost all SCOR activities emerge from the bottom up, from the ocean science community. A hallmark that differentiates SCOR from many other science organizations is our working groups. The working group process is open to the entire ocean science community and anyone in the community can review the proposals that are submitted to SCOR. Not all working groups are successful, but most are, and some produce extraordinary results that change the direction of their area of ocean science. SCOR has been managing large-scale ocean research projects since the early 1960s and has been particularly active since the mid-1990s. Like working groups, most research projects are self-organized from within    the ocean science community, with SCOR (and usually other organizations) giving support to nurture good research ideas into research projects. Besides working groups and research projects, SCOR has great latitude to develop other committees and panels as needed to address specific issues and a flexibility to tailor groups to the needs of the problem and the operating style of other co-sponsors. Projects can affiliate to SCOR to gain visibility, some logistical help, and enhanced interactions with other projects.

As bottom-up activities, most SCOR projects are managed by scientists and not by SCOR staff or officers, although each must report to the SCOR Executive Committee annually, and each group is assigned a Reporter from the SCOR Executive Committee. The Reporter is responsible to serve as a liaison between the activity and the SCOR Executive Committee and to report on the activity at SCOR annual meetings.