2016 SCOR Annual Meeting

5-7 September 2016
Institute of Oceanology
Sopot, Poland

Session on Polish Oceanic Science (see abstracts)

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Materials for Meeting

Logistical Information

  • Local Transportation
  • Visas
  • Hotel: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hotel Haffner. Single rooms are available for arrival on 4 Sept. and departure on 8 Sept. The deadline for reservations in the SCOR room block is August 11.
  • Tourism

Block Agenda

Call for Review of WG Proposals (Compiled Set of Proposals; 7.5 MB)

  1. Atmosphere-waves-current interactions and oceanic extremes (EXTREMES)
  2. Climate-Change Impacts of Ocean Carbon Chemistry/Synergism with Other Stressors: How can Seamount Deep-Sea Coral Ecosystems respond to ASH/CSH Shoaling/Ocean Acidification? (IBDIOCC)
  3. Iron Model Intercomparison Project (FeMIP)
  4. Measuring Essential Climate Variables in Sea Ice (ECVice)
  5. Building a coral reef marine biodiversity observation network (CoralMBON)
  6. Global Assessment of Nutrient Export Through Submarine Groundwater Discharge (NExT SGD)
  7. The dynamic ecogeomorphic evolution of mangrove and salt marsh coastlines (DEMASCO)
  8. Towards strategic observatories for regional ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (cOCtEAU)
  9. Towards the science-based jellyfish observing system (JOS)
  10. Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems (EBUE): inter-comparisons, variability and forecasting responses to climate and global change
  11. Carbon Hot Spot: Drivers and Sensitivities of Large Carbon Uptake in Western Boundary Currents

Background Book for Meeting: Available in early August 2016

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